Congratulations on moving your business to Level 2 engagement

An IPIC Intellectual Property Service Provider (IPSP) will help build and develop an IP strategy that supports your business goals.  NRC IRAP & IPIC aim to support innovative Canadian companies to build IP awareness, develop an IP strategy and execute IP actions.  An IP strategy developed through the IP Assist program will help you answer some important questions and gain valuable insights relating to your technology, business, and IP.

For the L2 engagement, IPIC expertise is available in the following categories:


 General Guidelines for L2 Project

The L2 IP Strategy is developed specifically for you, the IRAP SME, and relates to the your specific technology space, aligns with the your business objectives, and provides you with specific prioritized IP actions.  The IP Strategy will be informed by key relevant information relating to the technology and competitor landscapes relevant to the your business. 


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IP Assist

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