Patents, Prices and the PMPRB: A Guide to Pharmaceutical Price Regulation

This webinar will explain why the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) should be on the radar for anyone with a pharmaceutical patents practice, from agents to litigators. The PMPRB is a federal body created under the Patent Act, with a mandate to ensure that the prices of patented medicines in Canada are not excessive. The speakers will illustrate the link between patents and price review, so that IP practitioners understand the impact of patents on overall commercial strategies for drug products. 

Topics discussed will include: 

  • Core concepts regarding PMPRB’s jurisdiction and powers, as well as their implications for pharmaceutical clients
  • PMPRB-related considerations for agents when drafting and advising clients on pharmaceutical patents
  • Overview of recent changes to the PMPRB’s regulations and ongoing consultation on new price review guidelines

Continuing Professional Development

This program contains up to 1 hour Substantive where applicable.

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