Patent Agent Training Course - Drafting & Prosecution - LIVE STREAM

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This Patent Agent Training Course is an advanced, practical program intended to enhance the patent agent trainees’ skills relevant to drafting and prosecution and to increase their chances of success in the Patent Agent Examination (Papers A & C).

The delivery of this course is a combination of lectures and distance education learning:

 11:30 AM – 5:30 PM (ET) | DAILY

You can attend the lectures 2 ways (participation is mandatory):


Ivey Tangerine Leadership Centre     |       The lectures will be live-streamed for access from anywhere across Canada.
130 King Street West

The initial lectures will introduce the core principles surrounding patent practice in Canada:

  • First Meeting with the Inventor/Client
  • Parts of the Specification and their Purpose
  • Claim Drafting — Principles & Approaches
  • Claim Drafting — Examples & Errors
  • Drafting the Disclosure
  • Amendment and Prosecution
  • Analysis of Office Actions
  • Parts and Format of the Response
  • Procedural Objections
  • Anticipation and Obviousness Objections
  • Utility


The initial lectures will be followed by 10 weeks of practice exercises, consisting of one exercise per week submitted via e-mail to an instructor for review. These assignments will involve approximately 5 hours of work per week.

WEBINAR – Practical Tips on Writing the Patent Agent Exam

A webinar dedicated to practical tips on preparing for and writing the exam will be presented by former members of the Patent Agent Examining Board.

“This course provided me not only with a great starting point for studying for the patent agent exam, but also with valuable individualized feedback on weekly assignments. Receiving this feedback helped me prepare for the exams far better than would have been possible had I relied solely on reviewing exams and marking guides from previous years.”

Candidate with the Highest Mark in Paper A of the 2015 Patent Agent Examination

“Module 1 of the PATC provided practical tips and training necessary for proper patent drafting and prosecution. The course provided a unique learning opportunity not available elsewhere – I highly recommend it!”

Candidate with the Highest Mark in Paper A of the 2013 Patent Agent Examination


Course Pre-requisites

To obtain the optimum benefits from the course it is recommended that students have at least one year of experience or training in the areas of Canadian patent drafting and prosecution.

Continuing Professional Development

Law Society of Ontario9
Law Society of British Columbia15
Law Society of Saskatchewan**
Law Society of Manitoba15
Law Society of Alberta15

** An application for accreditation of the session will be submitted upon request by a participant

Attestation of Completion

Students who complete and submit all practice exercises will receive an attestation of completion at the end of the course.

Patent Agent Examination

The Examination consists of four separate papers:

PAPER A – Drafting | PAPER B – Validity | PAPER C – Office Practice | PAPER D – Infringement

The Exam is administered by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) at various locations across Canada.

Information on pre-requisites to sit and to register for the Exam can be found on the CIPO website at see Become a Registered Patent Agent.  Inquiries:

Candidate Guides to Writing the Exam

There are four writing guides (Paper A - Drafting, Paper B - Validity, Paper C - Office Practice, Paper D - Infringement).

Click here to view the guides.