Patent Administrator Program

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A 4-course certification program leading to the designation of Certified Canadian Patent Administrator.

What is a certified canadian patent Administrator?

A Certified Canadian Patent Administrator (CCPA) demonstrates the competencies required to assist a patent agent or lawyer practicing in the field of patent law. Duties cover a wide range of tasks related to the administration of patents such as preparing patent applications, paying government fees, docketing deadlines, preparing correspondence with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and drafting letters to clients.

patent administrator

Who should participate?

There are no pre-requisites to enroll in any of the 4 courses. They are primarily intended for patent assistants, patent paralegals, and patent clerks seeking the certification of patent administrator. The courses will also be of interest to individuals wishing to acquire knowledge of patent administration.

What is the program format?

Available on-demand, the courses are delivered online and are self-paced. The study materials include quizzes (Q&A), as well as practice assignments accompanied by model answers. Students will have access to a patent agent who will answer questions and provide guidance in “Ask the Expert” format.

Students have 3 months to complete a course.

Do I have to start with Course 1?

There is a natural progression in the flow of the 4 courses, however, you may elect to begin with the course that best satisfies your career needs.

All 4 courses must be completed to sit for the examination and obtain the certification of patent administrator.

You may enroll in any one of the courses without seeking the certification.


Once all 4 courses are completed, you may register and sit for the online exam (exam fee is applicable). Once you pass the exam, you may obtain the designation of Certified Canadian Patent Administrator exclusive to IPIC members.

      -  June 22, 2023
      -  December 14, 2023


In lieu of an annual continuing education requirement in the early years of our program, to maintain the certified patent administrator designation you must hold a membership in good standing in the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC). By doing so it will ensure you stay informed about our regular stream of IP related education and services.



Member Price


All 4 courses $1,599.00 + tax Sign In
Course 1 $399.00 + tax Sign In
Course 2 $499.00 + tax Sign In
Course 3 $499.00 + tax Sign In
Course 4 $499.00 + tax Sign In
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Non-Member Price


All 4 courses $2,399.00 + tax
Course 1 $599.00 + tax
Course 2 $699.00 + tax
Course 3 $699.00 + tax
Course 4 $699.00 + tax
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Methods of Payment

Tuition fees can be paid by MasterCard, Visa or American Express. 

Cancellation policy

A refund will be granted up to one week after beginning the course, less a $50 cancellation fee. 


Please email or call 613-234-0516 if you have questions on the Program.

Please email or call 613-234-0516 if you have questions about IPIC Membership.