Cybersecurity: How Do Cybercriminals and Other Bad Actors Breach Your «Security»?


Working from home necessitates reviewing and implementing strategies and rules to do so safely and confidentially. What protection exists in your office environment and what does not exist at your home and elsewhere. Learn the dangers of not being secure at home, at airports and coffee shops and other similar locations. How does the cybercriminal breach your «security»? Are you ready for true remote capability? What other devices are using your home network and can they infect your «office» computer? What are the « bad guys » doing and what are the «good guys» doing to stop them?

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Continuing Professional Development

This program contains 1 hour Professionalism or Ethics where applicable:

Law Society of Ontario
Barreau du Québec*1
Law Society of British Columbia1
Law Society of Saskatchewan**
Law Society of Manitoba1
Law Society of Alberta1
New York State CLE Board1

* Barreau du Québec: As of May 1, 2019, Barreau members are responsible to determine if a CPD activity meets the Barreau’s CPD criteria.

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