Buying and Selling an IP Practice: Practical Considerations

Buying and selling an IP practice can be an intimidating prospect. What is an IP practice worth? How should the sale of an IP practice be structured? What should be considered and what should be avoided?
Good information on this topic can be hard to find and hard to interpret. This webinar follows up on the survey conducted by IPIC last year and is intended to continue the conversation. Speakers include agents who’ve been through the process and accounting professionals experienced in the valuation of professional practices.
The information shared will help inform both small firms and sole practitioners seeking to sell their practices as well as larger firms that may be interested in purchasing an IP practice.

Continuing Professional Development

This program contains up to 1 hour substantive law where applicable.

Law Society of Ontario1
Barreau du Québec1
Law Society of British Columbia1
Law Society of Saskatchewan**
Law Society of Manitoba1
Law Society of Alberta1
New York State CLE Board1

** An application for accreditation of the session will be submitted upon request by a participant