Arbitrating IP Disputes in Times of Crises

The past three years have witnessed many challenges and changes to how intellectual property (IP) disputes are resolved in Canada and globally, some of which are more notable than others. As an aspect of alternative dispute resolution, arbitration has its own important role in the resolution of IP disputes. What are the most significant dynamics at play in arbitrating IP disputes in times of crises? Are there limitations or practices that are unique to arbitration based on the type of IP dispute at issue? What role does forum and choice of law play in IP arbitration given current unsettled times and finally, to what extent do developments in IP impact arbitration proceedings? The panelists will engage with these and other questions The panelists will discuss these dynamics in this 90 minute session.

Continuing Professional Development

This program contains 1.5 hour(s) of substantive law where applicable

Law Society of Ontario1.5
Barreau du Québec1.5
Law Society of British Columbia1.5
Law Society of Saskatchewan1.5
Law Society of Manitoba1.5
Law Society of Alberta1.5
New York State CLE Board1.5