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Todd Keeler Borden Ladner Gervais LLP 1200-200 Burrard St., P.O. Box 48600
Vancouver, British Columbia, V7X 1T2

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Tel: 604-632-3535
Fax: 403-266-1395
Michael Crinson Aitken Klee LLP 100 Murray
Suite 300
Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 0A1

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Tel: 6473176612
Fax: 613 695 5854


IPIC's Strategic Plan will guide us in achieving our mission and fulfilling our vision. Our goals are our expected results, and for each goal we have identified key objectives to guide our work as well as tactics that we will employ to achieve our goals. The strategy is presented in an aligned, linear fashion; however, it is important to consider that each goal, objective and tactic reinforce and enhance other elements of the strategy, and should be seen as operating in a dynamic system. This plan is our roadmap, with goals and objectives anchored by our vision, mission, and values.
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Research consistently shows that high levels of gender and ethnic diversity are positively correlated with company performance. IPIC therefore believes that promoting equity, diversity and inclusion is a key goal which stands on its own, as well as underlying and informing our other strategic goals.

IPIC members seek to grow the IP industry for the benefit of all Canadians. As a member-driven organization, IPIC’s policy activities are guided by this overarching ambition. We advance this goal through our ongoing advocacy work in the government and business sectors.

IPIC is proud to be recognized for the value of its educational offerings. We will continue to ensure that IP professionals have the skills they need to succeed throughout their careers and to ensure that IPIC is seen as the leading provider of accessible, high-quality, cost effective education.

The Board of Directors is committed to demonstrating that IPIC is a worthy investment in professional growth that elevates the profession as a whole by creating a more powerful collective voice. IPIC also remains committed to being a bilingual organization and looks forward to expanding its French language programming for members.

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IPIC welcomes everyone who is interested in IP to apply for membership. Whether you’re an academic or a tech transfer officer, an IP practitioner or a student, in the public sector or self-employed, we offer a category or membership to suit your needs.


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