IPIC Advocacy

IPIC Advocacy

In light of the ever-increasing importance of IP to businesses, IPIC has intensified its active role as advocate for the competitiveness of the Canadian IP system. IPIC is able to tap into the expertise of more than 35 committees and 300+ volunteers through activities such as:


  • Original research by IPIC
  • Review of research done by others (WIPO, OECD, other associations, academia, government)


  • Preparation of submissions to governments on topics such as:
    • CIPO practices and policy
    • Regulations
    • Legislation
    • International issues
    • Court interventions (click here for intervention policy)
  • Meetings:
    • with officials
    • with parliamentarians
    • with other associations
    • at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

On most topics relating to Canadian intellectual property practice, policy, regulation or legislation, IPIC will take a position.

On certain topics, such as pharmaceutical and copyright policy, IPIC generally provides technical expertise or plays a role in education without advocating for a certain position. Some examples include:

  • Performing a comparison of certain aspects of Canadian IP laws with those of other countries
  • Leading a Q&A session on possible IP implications of a trade agreement
  • Comparing proposed legislation against the stated intended policy goals of the government


To access IPIC’s submissions, click here.

In addition to responding to government consultations, IPIC has its own proposals to improve the Canadian IP system. Click here to learn more. 

To see a selection of IP news relating to issues pursued by IPIC, click here.