IPIC Membership Referral Program


Do you know an IP professional who would benefit from an IPIC membership?

IPIC's members are its lifeblood. Take part in strengthening the association, broadening its reach and increasing its core strength by expanding its membership. Participate in the IPIC Membership Referral Program and you could earn a variety of benefits, up to and including a free Annual Conference registrationSimply refer one (1) or more new Affiliate or Associate member(s), resulting in membership approval by Council, and receive the incentives identified in the graphic below.

    membershipreferral-incentivescharten.jpgHow does the IPIC Membership Referral Program work?

IPIC staff will tabulate the number of new applications brought in by each member. Once the new applicants are approved by Council, members will receive an e-mail from IPIC staff informing them of the incentive they qualify for.

IMPORTANT: Please ask your referral(s) to contact Chelsea Berry at cberry@ipic.ca in order to begin the member application. Please ask the applicant to mention your name when applying for membership.

How can I best promote IPIC membership?

Talk about the value that you see in being an IPIC member! You can also use the documents below to clearly identify the benefits, activities and plans of the association. Should you require additional information, don't hesitate to contact Chelsea Berry at cberry@ipic.ca

                 memberbenefits.jpg               ipic_strategic_plan_kcd_e_final_page_01.jpg          j9yjr3wp.jpg


  1. The referral(s) must result in a new active membership approved by IPIC Council.
  2. The referral program is only applicable to new affiliate and associate memberships. It is not applicable to student memberships.
  3. To qualify, the new member must refer to you by name in their membership application.
  4. The incentives cannot be transferred to another individual or into cash.
  5. The new member can't have been a member of IPIC in the past year (as of 2018).


For more information on the IPIC Membership Referral Program, contact:

Chelsea Berry, Membership Officer
613-234-0516 ext. 21