Code of conduct and discipline process


A Code of Ethics and Comprehensive Discipline Process to Complete the Governance Framework

Changes to the current situation

Currently, IPIC has a code of ethics for its members and will investigate complaints but has very limited abilities and power for enforcement because membership is voluntary. CIPO also investigates complaints against agents, but there is no code of conduct against which complaints can be assessed.

IPIC proposes that the College implement this recommendation from the Modernizing the IP Community report: There should be a requirement for all registered agents on the lists to abide by a code of conduct. The code should be modeled after the IPIC Draft Code of Conduct, which is aligned with the Federation of Law Societies Model Code of Professional Conduct. 

IPIC also proposes that the College be tasked with the following functions in the disciplinary process: 

  • Complaint receipt function 
  • Review function 
  • Investigative function 
  • Tribunal (with an additional member from the public) 

In this regard, a comprehensive discipline process for a self-regulatory body, based on the discipline process of another profession (the actuaries), was approved by the members of IPIC at the 2003 Annual General Meeting.