Interview an Expert

Interview an Expert 

Intellectual property (IP) practitioners have expertise in patents for inventions, trademarks and copyright. Due to this specialized knowledge and experience, IP practitioners make exceptional resources for the media. IP practitioners include patent agents, trademark agent and lawyers specializing in IP and work in a variety of sectors including major Canadian law firms, private practice and corporations. 

Patent Agent

A patent agent will draft a patent application on an invention and file the application with the Patent Office. The Patent Office will evaluate the patentability of the invention and the patent agent will argue the merits of the invention with a view to obtaining the broadest reasonable scope of the invention and having the application allowed and to issue as a patent. The patent agent will also evaluate patentability of inventions, evaluate patent infringement of issued patents and evaluate validity of issued patents.

Trademark Agent

A trademark agent will draft a trademark application and file the application with the Trademarks Office. The Trademarks Office will evaluate the registrability of the trademark in view of the law, practice and pre-existing trademarks or trade names. The trademark agent will guide the application through the registration process with a view to registration as a trademark. The trademark agent will also handle trademark opposition proceedings, evaluate the registrability of trademarks and evaluate trademark infringement.

IP Lawyer

An intellectual property lawyer may do some of the above, in addition to negotiating intellectual property agreements, such as licences, and settlements.  The intellectual property lawyer may also represent clients before the Courts, for example, in intellectual property infringement matters. The intellectual property lawyer can register and enforce copyright, and evaluate copyright infringement.

Interview an Expert

If you would like to interview an intellectual property practitioner, please contact the IPIC office by email or call 613-234-0516 during business hours, for knowledgeable recommendations of practitioners based on your topic.