Patent Agents

Patent Agents

You spent a great deal of time, effort and knowledge developing a new and innovative product. Before disclosing your invention to anyone, retain a registered patent agent to help you through the process of protecting it.

What can a patent agent do for me?

Filing and prosecuting a patent application is very complex. A patent agent can

  • Ensure that your invention is properly described and claimed when the application is filed to reduce the risk that it may be refused by the Patent Office during future examination.
  • Help you avoid costly mistakes, allowing you to develop your invention in a prosperous environment.

Just as you seek the advice of an accountant for complicated tax matters or a lawyer to draft a commercial agreement, a registered patent agent can

  • Maximize the opportunities provided by your invention.
  • Conduct a search to determine whether your invention is patentable and evaluate the scope of protection which may be obtained for your invention.
  • Help discern whether you are infringing patents owned by others.
  • Help you sell, license or use your patent as an asset to negotiate funding.

Where can I find a patent agent?

Click here to find a list of registered patent agents.