Types of Agents

Types of Agents

Patent agents and trademark agents are invaluable when it comes to protecting your IP rights. They can assist you from the very beginning by providing helpful advice and guiding you through all the steps in your patent application or your trademark registration.

Patent Agents

Patent agents are at the cutting edge of science and technology by virtue of the inventions they protect. Working with scientists, researchers and developers of new technologies in biotechnology, information technology and others, patent agents get a first view of the latest in their fields of interest and play a significant role in the commercialization of new inventions.

Trademark Agents

Trademark agents clear, register and protect trademarks that may become recognized by consumers world-wide and worth millions of dollars and have the inside track on new products and ventures that business are creating. This is the career path of a trademark agent. 

The work done by a trademark agent in securing and defending the legal rights to a trademark is a key aspect of many companies' marketing strategies and enables them to protect their brand investment and market share. Trademark agents play a significant role at the preliminary stages of brand development and trademark registration, right through to assisting brand owners to have counterfeit goods seized.