Trademark Exam Prep Course

Trademark Exam Prep Course

The Exam Prep Course is an in-depth program intended to prepare candidates for the Canadian Trademark Agent Examination.


The curriculum covers issues tested in the exam:

  • Pre-advertisement issues corresponding to PART A of the Exam: searching and availability, filing applications, responding to office actions, section 12(2) and 14 affidavits.

  • Post-advertisement issues corresponding to PART B of the Exam: opposition proceedings, section 45 proceedings, licensing, assignments, renewals, infringement and passing off.

  • Case law discussions will assist candidates in interpreting jurisprudence, the Trade-marks Act and the Trade-marks Regulations.

Candidates will gain knowledge of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office practice.

Practical tips on preparing for and writing the exam is provided.


The course is conducted online over 10 weeks and is comprised of comprehensive reading material, weekly practice assignments reviewed by instructors, simulated exam questions (Q&A), a discussion forum and webinar recordings on the review of case law.

Webinar Series

Ten webinar recordings dedicated to the review of case law are offered. One webinar dedicated to practice tips on writing the exam is delivered by a former Exam Board Member.


Candidates have access to instructors who will review assignments and provide guidance throughout the course.

Is this course right for you?

The course is aimed at candidates who possess an understanding of:

  • the basic principles of trademark law, including descriptiveness, distinctiveness, confusion, and entitlement;

  • the trademark process from filing to registration and beyond, including exposure to office actions involving technical and substantive objections, and to assignments and licensing;

  • opposition and summary non-use cancellation proceedings, including exposure to opposition pleadings and evidence.

This course is offered in the spring and fall. To find out when the next course will be offered, please write to