PATC - Module 1

Patent Agent Training Course - Module 1: Drafting & Prosecution

Course instructors include past members of the Patent Agent Examination Board.

Learning objectives

This Patent Agent Training Course is an advanced, practical program primarily intended to enhance the patent agent trainee’s skills relevant to drafting and prosecution and to increase their chances of success in the Patent Agent Examination.

The delivery of this course is a combination of lectures and distance education learning.

Who will benefit from the course?

  • Patent Agent Trainees at law firms, patent agency firms, corporations and technology transfer offices seeking to gain practical experience.
  • Intellectual Property Managers who want to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the patent process.


To obtain the optimum benefits from the course it is recommended that students:

  • have at least one year of training with a qualified patent agent or patent lawyer
  • have participated in the preparation of patent applications and responses to office actions

Course Format


The initial 3 days of lectures are offered in two formats - In Person in Toronto or Online via Live Stream. These lectures will introduce the core principles surrounding patent practice in Canada and to discuss the Patent Agent Examination. Topics covered during the session will include:

  • First Meeting with the Inventor/Client
  • Parts of the Specification and their Purpose
  • Claim Drafting — Principles & Approaches
  • Claim Drafting — Examples & Errors
  • Drafting the Disclosure
  • Amendment and Prosecution
  • Analysis of Office Actions
  • Parts and Format of the Response
  • Procedural Objections
  • Anticipation and Obviousness Objections
  • Writing the Patent Agent Exam


The lectures will be followed by 10 practical exercises, consisting of one exercise per week over 10 weeks. The homework will involve approximately 5 hours per week. The exercises will be submitted via e-mail to the instructors who will in turn provide comprehensive feedback on each answer received.

This course is offered every fall. To find out when the next course will be offered, please write to