Information on IPIC Courses

Information on IPIC's Professional Development Activities

Webinars - All Topics

IPIC offers a variety of webinars on different topics (patents, trademarks, copyright, industrial design and more). The level of these webinars range from beginner to advanced. Topics include: recent court decisions, year in review in IP law, Patent Rules, Trade-mark Regulations, substantive subject matter and ethics. For a list of upcoming webinars, click here

Basics of Law Webinar Series

IPIC offers webinars on basics of law. These webinars are intended for non-lawyer agents who need a basic understanding of law principles. 


Introductory Course in Patents

IPIC and McGill University offer an introductory course on the basics of patents. This five-day intensive, practical course divided into optional modules is offered in July of each year. The first module provides an overview of patents and patenting, while the second module completes the week and offers insights into the strategies relating to exploiting IP rights, as well as enforcing a patent.

This course is a must for engineers involved in patents and patenting, patent agents in training, new patent agents, IP lawyers (in-house or corporate counsel) and contract managers - anybody who encounters patents in their work and needs to have a better understanding of the nature and scope of the patent system, how patents are obtained, how to manage a patent portfolio,

Patent Agent Training Course (PATC)

The Patent Agent Training Course is for trainees who have worked for at least 1 year in the field of patents. The course is divided into two modules: Module 1 – Drafting & Prosecution, offered in the fall, addresses subject matter pertaining to Exam papers A and C and Module 2 – Infringement & Validity, offered in the winter, addresses subject matter pertaining to Exam papers B & D. Course instructors include past members of the Patent Agent Exam Board.

Patent Agent Tutorials

The Patent Agent Tutorials are for trainees registered to write the Patent Agent Exam. Offered in winter of each year, the tutorials consist of a series of practice exercises are reviewed by course tutors and discussed during the live webinar sessions.


Introductory Course in Trademarks

IPIC and McGill University offer an intensive and practical course providing valuable information about acquiring, managing & protecting trademark assets. Lectures and workshops cover theoretical and practical aspects of trademark procurement, portfolio management, and opposition proceedings; together with comparative reviews of trademark law & practice in the U.S. and Europe – vital information for today’s world.

Trademark Agent Examination Prep Course

This Exam Prep Course is an in-depth program intended to prepare candidates for the Canadian Trademark Agent Qualifying Examination. It is offered every spring and fall. The curriculum will cover issues tested in the exam, case law discussions will assist candidates in interpreting jurisprudence and pratical tips on preparing for and writing the exam will be provided. This course includes: 9 case study webinars, 1 exam writing tips webinar, 9 weeks of tutored assignments, and a portal with reading material, simulated exam questions, case law and a discussion forum. For more information, click here

Trademark Agent Tutorials

The Trademark Agent Tutorials are for trainees registered to write the Trademark Agent Exam. The tutorials are offered yearly in the fall and consist of a series of practice exercises reviewed by course tutors and discussed during the live webinar sessions.


Copyright Master Class

IPIC and McGill University offer a three-day copyright class covering the foundations of copyright law as well as specialized aspects of copyright relating to music, entertainment, computer games, software and networks. The course addresses monetizing and protecting copyright resources through licensing agreements and touches upon litigation, damages and remedies.