Vision and mission


The Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC) is the professional association of patent agents, trademark agents, and lawyers practising in all  areas of intellectual property (IP) law. Founded in 1926, IPIC has grown to more than 1,700 members, which include practitioners in law firms and agencies of all sizes, sole practitioners, in-house corporate IP professionals, government personnel, and academics.

IPIC’s members support the Canadian economy by providing expert services to local, national, and international companies that are developing and growing their businesses. Members’ clients include virtually all types of Canadian businesses, universities, and other institutions that have an interest in IP in Canada or elsewhere, as well as foreign companies that hold IP rights in Canada.


IPIC members come from diverse training backgrounds, and include a range of patent agents, trademark agents, lawyers, and other subject matter experts. Although several other organizations have an interest in intellectual property issues, many focus on the rights of IP holders or only represent the interests of a subset of IP professionals. IPIC is the only association in Canada that represents all types of Canadian IP professionals.

Our vision is for IPIC to be the leading authority on intellectual property in Canada, and the voice of intellectual property professionals.


Highly trained intellectual property professionals contribute to a robust economy by helping organizations understand and leverage the value of intellectual property.

Our mission is to enhance our members’ expertise as trusted intellectual property advisors, and to shape a policy and business environment that encourages the development, use, and value of intellectual property.